Microsoft Surface Duo Set to Launch

Microsoft has thoroughly teased us with the release of the upcoming foldable phone- Microsoft Duo. The poking tweets have certainly piqued our interest, as they have yours, but now, it seems that the device looks good for launch.

The device, as expected, is powered by Android and was first observed on FCC, which can be checked out here. Later, it recently appeared on Launch Studio’s product certification page. It’s typical of devices and phones to show up on this website a few weeks before launch.

Rumors had it that the all-new phone would arrive promptly in July, but it’s evident from here on out that it’s not likely to happen. Nevertheless, with the hints getting dropped lately, the phone will instead release in a matter of weeks now.

The Verge’s sources with a good source to Microsoft have confirmed that the company wished to focus on Surface Duo earlier this year at Microsoft Build- an annual conference event help by tech-giant itself.

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, the plans had to be postponed. Similarly, Microsoft also scheduled their Window 10x project to a later date in 2021, perhaps. Read more about that here.

A few developers have already got their hands on Surface Duo’s developer units. On the contrary, Microsoft hoped that it could provide the units to the developers a lot earlier as compared to now. The pandemic has affected a great many things, with Microsoft’s scheme for releasing Surface Duo being one of them. Still, the corporation is looking to ship the foldable tech somewhere in September.

Sprinkling more spice on rumors surrounding Surface Duo, technology enthusiast and researcher Evan Blass tells people to expect the phone coming on the AT&T network in the United States.

Evan has built up a reputation of receiving important and knowledgeable information about still-in-the-works devices, as they are about to launch. This only means that Microsoft’s Surface Duo will be here before anybody knows it.

The whole summer, Microsft has tried to play with us with their teasing tweets on Twitter about Surface Duo, with only a little time left for it to launch. The communications officer, Frank Shaw, uploaded its explicit photo at the beginning of July.

Following that, Panos Panay also tweeted, holding the Surface Duo and posing with thumbs up. Lastly, Microsoft executive Brad Anderson was also seen in a video posted on LinkedIn with the latest bumper case for the new device, as seen in Panay’s tweet.

The first unveil happened at a press event in the city of New York in October 2019. Microsoft promised the release of Surface Duo in the summer of 2020.

There are no official details about the phone’s specifications yet, but speculations combined with a few leaks here and there have predicted that the device is going to host a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor along with 6GB of RAM, and a 256GB storage capacity. The phone is going to feature two screens having a 5.6-inch display.

SOURCE: The Verge

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