Google Discontinues its Affordable Pixel 3a Smartphone

The Pixel 3a smartphone has officially been terminated, Google confirms. According to a statement provided by Google to the website Android Police, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 3a XL is discontinued.

This means that Google will not be rolling out these models, and the Google store will not be stocking these phones anymore. However, the phones may still be available through some third party retailers until they are completely sold out.

In the statement, Google reveals that Pixel 3a has completed its sales, and the inventory is sold out. People who wish to purchase the phone can do so through partners till supplies last.

As of today, Pixel 3a’s listing on the official Google Store shows the phones to be unavailable for purchase. Just yesterday, the listing showed the phones were merely out of stock. This small change entails that the phone’s retail life has come to an end.

Pixel 3a was launched last year at Google I/O as a more affordable variant of Pixel smartphones. The phone was met with extensive critical praise and showed promise as a cost-effective solution. Pixel 3a provided users with a user-friendly Android version, impressive camera, and latest Google features – all with a price tag below $400. The low price and high value made Pixel 3a much more popular than its predecessors in Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

According to rumors, the successor to Pixel 3a will be released either this month or later this year in October. So far, the successor Pixel 4a is nowhere to be seen. Without an upcoming phone, the discontinuation of Pixel 3a has left a gaping void in Google’s range of affordable phones. There seem to be no alternative products on sale right now to fill the void created by the absence of Pixel 3a. Discounts on other phones, such as the premium Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, have also been scarce due to the COVID-19 pandemic since March.

This has led to growing demands for Google to release all of its 2020 phones in one single mega launch while renaming Pixel 4a to Pixel 5a. Users would like Google to release the phones together in a single digital event.

Leaks about the Pixel 4a suggest that the new phone will be priced at $349 and have 128GB of data storage. Unlike the Pixel 3a, which was available in two sizes, the Pixel 4a will only be released in one size.  According to some earlier rumors, the Pixel 4a was priced at $399 with 64GB storage. However, Google reduced the price and added more storage to compete with iPhone SE’s reboot. Google had also planned a larger version of the phone Pixel 4a XL that may no longer be a part of the offer.


Other retailers are showing Pixel 3a XL as back-ordered, while Pixel 3a is shown to be discontinued. Amazon has some listings for the phone that are all being sold by third-parties. However, apart from the few remaining phones that will be sold by resellers, the Pixel 3a has officially bid farewell for good.

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