Google offers Samsung a deal for terminating Bixby and Galaxy Store

According to multiple reports, Google is trying to convince Samsung to shut down the Galaxy App Store and Samsung’s very own Bixby assistant. Instead, the tech-giant wants Samsung to favor its products- the Play Store, and Google Assistant. For this cause, Google is also open to the concept of making satisfying payments.

It’s also been reported that “Google is dangling more lucrative terms for Samsung than in previous deals if it retreats from its app strategy.” Google is known to divide the revenue generated from ads and the Play Store with various phone manufacturers. It would be highly persuasive to offer Samsung a more significant share so both the companies could get on the same page.

This leads us to think whether Samsung is going to accept any offers relating to terminating its products or not. Besides, it’s to consider that ever since its launch in 2017, Bixby has been far from successful and nowhere near the level of Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa.

To talk about voice assistants, they provide a functional virtual interface to a search engine, and unfortunately, Samsung does not spend much of its time and energy in this field. Therefore, don’t expect great things from Samsung’s Bixby.

On the other hand, we have Google and Apple with their highly functional ecosystem for assistants that do tasks related to notes, calendar events, photos, music, reminders, and more in a convenient manner. Bixby is dependant on third-party services and apps and can pull off workability entirely on its own. Bixby comes preinstalled on Samsung phones, and its Tizen watches, along with refrigerators, which is quite surprising. If Bixby were to be shut down, Samsung’s smartwatches would lose a voice assistant, and Google is very less likely to create Google Assistant for Tizen watches.

The Galaxy App Store serves a purpose by regularly updating the apps that ship with the phone. For many countries, the Galaxy App Store is not needed, but you could rely on it a lot in places like China, where the Google Play Store is blocked. However, it’s still rated as the 15th most popular app store in China by AppInChina App Store Index.

In other news, we have a definite reply from Samsung, as Bloomberg reports. “We remain committed to our services and ecosystem,” Samsung said in a statement, turning down any prospect of agreeing to the deal yet.

Then again, we have the Coronavirus lurking outside, affecting every aspect of life in its wake. Samsung says that due to the pandemic, sales have been drastically reduced and that the company struggles to generate revenue currently. In such times, there’s an off chance that Samsung may agree to what Google has to offer. The two companies are expected to conclude their dealings by Friday.

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