Top 10 Reasons Why PS4 Is Better Than Xbox

If you are planning on buying a new video game console, then you have two important choices before you, Xbox and PS4. These are both fantastic systems that have proved their worth over the years. They have always been compared with each other, and this healthy competition fuels the researchers, developers, engineers, and manufacturers to add new features every season. Each of these gaming consoles has its pros and cons. However, some aspects call for PS4 being better than Xbox. Let us take a look at ten reasons that affirm this viewpoint.

Reasons Why PS4 Is Better Than Xbox

1. Improved Graphics

Improved Graphics

Improved Graphics

PS4 is relatively more powerful and efficient than Xbox. We cannot call this a huge difference, but it is still enough to be easily noticed by any user. You can evaluate this by playing any cross-platform game on both of these consoles. When played on PS4, the same game will provide higher resolution and more frames per second as compared to when played on Xbox. These higher graphics and more fps offer a tremendously immersive and smooth gaming experience.

All exclusive games for PS4 are much better in terms of picture quality than those of Xbox. Xbox has only 12 compute units, whereas PS4 has 18. A detailed hardware comparison of these two gaming consoles instantly reveals the difference in their GPU performance.

2. Optimized Games

Optimized Games

The user-base of PS4 outnumbers that of Xbox by approximately two to one. PS4 is an increasingly popular gaming console with a lot more owners in the world than Xbox. Due to more users, all the major game developing firms prioritize the PS4 versions of their latest games over the Xbox versions. Generally, they spend a significant chunk of their resources on optimizing the game for the best-selling platform, which, as described earlier, is PS4.

Almost every modern game has support for PS4 due to its incredible popularity around the world. As a PS4 user, this gives you additional options in game selection. This advantage that PS4 has over Xbox is not going to end anytime soon, because even if Microsoft develops a gaming console that is more powerful than PS4, lack of available software support will make it fall short of what PS4 can achieve.

3. Increasing Demand

Increasing Demand

Since the PS4 is much more widely used than Xbox, it is likely that other gamers you know have a PS4 too. This might not sound like a massive advantage over Xbox, but it can prove useful if you want to play online multiplayer games with your friends. If anyone among you has a different console, he/she will not be able to play such games with the rest of the group.

To overcome this disadvantage, Xbox developers cannot do anything, but this is what generates more demand for PS4 in the market each day. We are social animals and are easily influenced by the decisions of the people around us. This subtle incline towards PS4 might end up being the deciding factor when you have to choose between the two.

4. Better User Interface

Better User Interface

PS4, since the day of its release, has always outperformed Xbox in terms of usability. PS4’s interface is clear, concise, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. Sony developers had to go through extensive research for its development, and that is what has paid off. It has a more friendly interface, with better options for sharing gameplay with others.

The PS4 user interface was designed while keeping speed and simplicity in mind. It closely resembles that of PS3, but some phenomenal upgrades such as the inclusion of text and voice chat functionality made it easier and more comfortable to use a PS4. Perhaps the most important and useful feature of this new interface is how quickly a user can jump into his/her game once the console is powered on.

5. Upgraded Controller

Upgraded Controller

PS4 comes with the DualShock 4, which is the latest version of the controller Sony has developed and refined over 20 years. The DualShock 4 has several advantages over its Microsoft counterpart. Every PS4 controller works with Bluetooth. This is widely available and customizable with multiple styles, colors, patterns, and textures. Due to Bluetooth connectivity, DualShock 4 does not require batteries or a dongle to work wirelessly.

DualShock 4 is slightly bigger and features a much sleeker design than its predecessor, while also being more ergonomic. In terms of functionality, the PS4 controller is superior in nearly every regard because of its responsive analog sticks, comfortable triggers, a headphone jack, a built-in mono speaker, and a touchpad. It also offers a gyroscope/accelerometer combination, which is much more reliable than SIXAXIS motion detection technology.

6. Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience

For virtual reality headsets, Sony has put together an impressive piece of hardware that complements PS4 well. PS4 offers a comfortable, easy-to-adjust head-mounting VR set. It is also the best option for people who wear glasses because of its mechanical relief system and the way its visor hovers in front of your face. The designed panels for this VR set are surprisingly crisp and clear. Due to the RGB subpixel arrangement, it is hard to tell that the display resolution is lower than other high-end expensive VR sets.

With more than 5 million units sold, PlayStation VR is considered to be the most successful VR headset in the market. The addition of such a fantastic feature in PS4’s arsenal makes it even more valuable as a gaming console with ambitious, polished, and visually-stunning games in its library.

7. Multiple Storage Options

Multiple Storage Options

When the PS4 was first released, 500 GB of storage seemed ample, but with game file sizes expanding rapidly in just a brief period, external storage was severely needed. Now, PS4 also supports external drives. In addition to this, it also lets you easily swap out its internal drive, meaning that your budget only limits the console’s storage capacity. It is technically possible to replace the internal drive in Xbox as well, but it is needlessly tricky and also voids the official warranty of the console.

Without external drives, users had only one option to expand the storage capacity of their gaming console, which was to upgrade the internal hard drive and replace it with a larger one. This method was relatively costly and cumbersome. By providing wide-range support for external hard drives, Sony has increased the flexibility of its flagship console even further.

8. Elegant Design

Elegant Design

The design of PS4 is much more pleasing to the eye than Xbox. It was designed by a team of expert designers, which resulted in the controller and the console forming a perfectly harmonious unit. PS4 is impressively sleek, offering an attractive design that looks great in your living or gaming room. Due to its slim body, you can pack it into a backpack without a problem. Also, due to its lightweight, it can be comfortably carried around with you on your travels and trips.

Over the years, Sony has upgraded PS4’s design every season. At about 70 percent of the size of the first model, the latest PS4 has a redesigned chassis with rounded edges and a matte finish across the entire body. The optical and auxiliary ports have been removed to save space. Also, the troublesome touch sensors in the earlier designs have been replaced with reliable and durable physical buttons.

9. Online Services

Online Services

Sony and Microsoft offer somewhat similar online services in their gaming consoles. However, PS4 users do enjoy a few perks. PlayStation Now is a streaming service that allows you to play a collection of PS3 titles from your PS4. Other than this, if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you can get access to several free games. Xbox Live Gold also offers this, but a wide variety of high-quality games tips the scales into PS4’s favor.

10. Additional Features

Additional Features

Sony was on point when they were presenting PS4 to the public. They understood that people are not interested in consoles for TV streaming services and other complementary functions. Their motive was to add supplemental features in their product while maintaining its functionality and usability as a gaming console. They ensure this with a well-designed product having excellent GPU performance, no limiting factors, an exceptional VR compatibility, and a vast gaming library.

For increasing the value of their product even further, they decided to keep on adding innovative features in the software and hardware model. PS4 allowed its users to connect to PlayStation Network and access the system’s robust online features. These upgrades over the years helped the PS4 to maintain its position as the best-selling gaming console.


PlayStation is one of the most famous consoles ever made and is used worldwide by millions of people. While both PS4 and Xbox certainly have a lot to offer to their users, we must give credit where its due and hail Sony for designing such a fantastic gaming platform. Considering all the reasons we just discussed, it is fair to say that Sony has unquestionably won the latest round in the console wars.

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