Apple’s New watchOS 7 Introduces These Major Features

Recently in the Worldwide Developer’s Conference held by Apple every year, a fresh new prospect of the watchOS 7 has been revealed. The new OS for Apple’s wearable tech boasts terrific new features in personalization, health, and fitness- the domains of focus for Apple Watch.

With enhanced flexibility in customization, the most exciting changes include watching face sharing, sleep tracking, automatic detection of handwashing, more forms of workouts, and additional hearing support that measures how loud someone is listening to music with their headphones. Furthermore, Maps is now optimized for cycling enthusiasts, and Siri can soon seamlessly languages.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s CEO says,

We’re energized by the positive impact Apple Watch is having on our customers and are excited to deliver meaningful new tools that support their health, fitness, and wellness,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “watchOS 7 brings sleep tracking, automatic handwashing detection, and new workout types together with a whole new way to discover and use watch faces, helping our users stay healthy, active, and connected.

From a tachymeter to overly excessive ways for customizing Watch Faces, watchOS 7 is set to arrive packed with limitless possibilities. With more methods to personalize and configure what you wish to see at a glance, the ability to add more complications per app on one Watch Face offers unreal convenience.

watchOS 7, as mentioned earlier, will include sleep tracking. This means that the Apple Watch will display every small detail related to the sleep of the customer. Moreover, it offers setting up a dedicated scene in the Home app to accommodate the making of a bedtime routine. This involves listening to calming sounds or an app for meditation. When the sleep mode is turned on, the Apple Watch automatically switches to Do Not Disturb mode with its brightness dimming over time. When it’s time to wake up, the smartwatch will produce gentle, soft sounds, and the screen will show the time, battery level, and the weather.

Customized watch faces can be downloaded from websites

Customized watch faces can be downloaded from websites

A one of a kind invention is introduced in watchOS 7. This is how the Apple Watch simultaneously detects when someone is washing their hands. A 20-second timer will start to go off when it detects a handwashing scenario due to the courtesy of its built-in microphone, and motion sensors. The smartwatch will also remind users to wash their hands just when they arrive home.

Moving on to the workout additions in the new watchOS, four additional yet powerful for increasing heart rate workouts have been created- Core Training, Dance, Functional Strength Training, and Cooldown.

Furthermore, extra updates to the Apple Watch include the latest complications for Shortcuts, Camera Remote, and Sleep. Moreover, new Mobility Metrics have been added to the health app, which involves low-intensity cardio, speed while walking, descending speed in stairs, ascending speed in stairs, six-minute walk distance, extra support time, length of your steps, and asymmetry.

For developers, SwiftUI can be used to create new graphic complications for Apple Watch, along with the use of Xcode Preview, which is nothing but handy tools in the process.

SOURCE: Apple Press Release

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