Google Won’t Reopen Offices Until Summer 2021

The outbreak of Coronavirus has affected a great many things, shutting down businesses and disrupting the average life. For many companies, however, the option of working from home has been made available, and Google has proceeded to follow suit.

The technology giants have decided not to open offices for a plethora of employees as a result of the pandemic. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, has ensured the employees that the company is going to operate with everyone working right from their homes. This decision is going to extend until June 30, 2021, and is specifically for those jobs that do not require an office.

The Wall Street Journal earlier reported the plan, and this conclusion will affect more than 200,000 Google’s full-time and on-contract employees.

At the beginning of July, there had initially been a delay in reopening offices in the US by Google. This was mainly because of a sudden, booming increase in positive COVID-19 patients in the country. CEO Sundar Pichai had told the employees that they would be back in offices by July 6, before the date was later postponed to September 7. Now, they’ve come forward with a solid answer.

To help get the fatal virus in control, Google’s ambitious workers have been operating from home and contributing to saving lives. Several other companies have applied a similar methodology.

Quickly rewinding to May, Pichai gave out a possibility that the rest of 2020 isn’t going to see a business running physically. Measures will be taken to shift everything online, and at the comfort of everyone’s home. Google’s CEO latest verdict roots from another factor- confusion with the opening of schools, given that they’re on the COVID-19 watch list.

In other news, this Monday has recorded more than 4 million confirmed Coronavirus patients in the US, along with 146,000 casualties. Around the globe, on the other hand, there are more than 16 million positive cases of the virus.

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