Facebook Testing New Page Style, Removes the Like Button

A new page outline is in the works by one of the world’s most famous social media networks, Facebook. The design, quite out of the blue, is going to be exempt from the mandatory Like button. The intention here is to provide a more convenient and fresher layout, specifically for Facebook Page owners trying to use and handle them. The testing initially began with a small number of people on the Facebook app but is now going to expand to a wide variety of Pages.

The small number of people are actually renowned public figures, with most of them being actors, authors, content creators, and some media organizations, such as bands. If a Page is eligible for the roll-out, they’ll be faced with a choice to try the new experience.

Moreover, it’s been confirmed that several English-language business pages will also be given the opportunity to try out Facebook’s new look.

Old vs New Facebook Page Outline

Old vs. New Facebook Page Outline

The latest upgrade is meant to make Pages look a whole lot less complicated, which Facebook contemplates is a potential problem. In the wake of COVID-19, the new design also focuses on simplifying usage, especially for those distancing themselves socially, and engaging with their circle online.

The outline is thought to streamline the user experience, highlighting the most important information first as soon as a visitor clicks on a Page. Removing the existing Like button and Like count, Pages will instead show a Follow button and the number of followers.

Admin Access

Admin Access

Come to think of it, this latest change sheds light on the actual influence and reach of the page since several can like the page, but not all are going to follow them indeed as they lose interest sooner or later. It could be possible that they only wanted a particular page because someone requested so. The number of followers, on the other hand, indicates how many people are getting the content of the page in their News Feed.

Currently, users of Facebook like a Page, and they automatically follow it. To unfollow, they will have to go through a couple of clicks. This complexity is highly unnecessary as Page creators wish to interact with those who are actively following the page, and want to see more content.

Furthermore, there’s also the added convenience where Facebook Page owners can promptly switch from their profile to their business page, to better engage with their followers, and react or interact with an interesting post.

Managing their Pages, owners can now take full advantage of the all-new “Edit Access” feature that controls the authority of Page admins. Owners can choose to give access to actions like creating content, responding to messages and comments, managing ads, and reviewing the page’s insights.

The test update also makes navigation more comfortable, and owners hover over to the Insights section and track their progress. The insights can be accessed directly from a post as well now.

New aspects of viewing page performance have also been added involving top-performing posts, and a system that displays the total audience concerning the Page’s Instagram account.

Facebook will now simultaneously combine authentic and relevant analytics, so there are fewer notifications than before. This amounts to a relaxed and easy-going experience that only revolves around important stuff.

For now, the update is only running on the Facebook app for mobile, and as it’s still being regarded as just a test, it’s unclear when Facebook will roll-out the new features to a more broad-ranging audience.

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