A Perfume Right Out of Space Now Available From NASA

Many throughout their lives couldn’t help but wonder, what’s it like outside Earth? To answer that question by just a bit, a perfume that’s going to smell like outer space is about to launch soon.

Due to the courtesy of Kickstarter, a public-benefit corporation campaigning for the unique scent, people are now about to experience something out of this world.

Quite a while back in 2010, the chemists working at NASA managed to formulate a scent that could give a decent hint to astronauts about space’s scent before they embarked on their journey to the outside. Fast forward to 2020, Eau de Space has finally got the secret formula and is now eager to develop bottles by bottles of this magisterial phenomenon.

According to them, all it took was “determination, grit, a lot of luck, and a couple of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.” Through their Kickstarter, the perfume is now available for order.

Tony Antonelli, a NASA astronaut, has his say on the fragrance of space. He describes it as “strong and unique”, which differs from the rest of his smelling experiences on Earth. On the other hand, Eau de Space says that most have categorized the scent similar to “seared steak, raspberries, and rum”. Moreover, being “smokey and bitter”.

Steve Pearce is the man behind the making of the perfume, as affirmed by Matt Richmond, the Eau de Space product manager. He’s a chemist by profession, and the founder of Omega Ingredients as well. The company runs by the motto “creation of the highest quality, provenance driven, natural flavors and ingredients for the food and beverage industry.”

Pearce was initially picked up by NASA back in 2008 after being scouted at a scent exhibition where he was found working to recreate the smell inside the Mir Space Station.

The bottle of Eau de Space is priced at $29. For each bottle purchased, the company will donate one to the K-12 stem program. For those looking to buy the perfumes in bulk, there are dedicated discounts as well. After the Kickstarter campaign, Eau de Space doesn’t plan to further the production of the distinct perfume.

Eau de Space’s main intent is to spark curiosity in learning STEM for the K-12 students. The company hopes that the perfume is going to start many conversations in this regard.

Matt Richmond has said that the company also plans to release a new perfume called “Smell of the Moon” following Eau de Space’s launch.

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