The Old Guard: Your Key to 83 years of Free Netflix Subscription

There’s good news for our readers who are interested in freebies as Netflix has announced a new campaign from which you can win the Netflix “Immortal” account that will last 83 years. And, the best part is that you don’t have to pay a single penny or even be a Netflix subscriber in the first place to take part in this competition.

Delving deeper into this campaign, it is linked with the Old Guard movie which was released on Netflix a week prior. More specifically, those who wish to participate in this campaign would have to play the Old Guard Game. However, there will only be one winner who’ll get a 1000 months of Netflix subscription and they will be none other than the videogame’s top scorer.

A little about the game: It is based on the events of the Old Guard movie and doesn’t have many complications. You’ll be playing as the protagonist in the film who has to use his one-handed Labrys to kill all the enemies. With that being said, players would have to avoid getting hit or killed by the enemies as that would take a toll on their ranking, which will ultimately decide who gets the “Immortal” Netflix account. Apart from that, the game is web-based, so you won’t have to download or install anything on your system.

However, if you really want to have your shot at winning this immortal account, you better hurry up as the Old Guard Game is only going to be available until July 19. Another thing to note here is that this competition is valid only for American residents.


Although Netflix subscription doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, who doesn’t love free stuff? If you happen to agree, you can try your luck and play the Old Guard Game, so you can have a chance at winning the 83-years-lasting Netflix account.

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