Call Of Duty: Warzone Gets a Huge Team Deathmatch Mode

With the arrival of the free-to-play battle royale from Call of Duty, more than 60 million players had their interest piqued by the first-person shooter.

Continually improving, this week’s update to Warzone has brought along with itself a vast feature everyone is familiar with- the Team Deathmatch mode.

The announcement of all the updates by Activision was on a blog and can be seen here.  Moreover, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is also updated every week.



As of July 14, playlists have been updated and involve multiple options waiting to be checked out. Also, a minor patch was dropped for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, which has refined the Border War skin, and fixed an issue regarding picking up Warzone weapons. Lastly, it has also attended to the bug affecting Rytec AMR’s crosshairs.

Infinity Ward, one of the developers of COD, said the following in a statement:

A patch is now live across all platforms that fixes:
· Renames D-Day’s ‘Border War’ skin and bio
· An exploit where players could pick up weapons they dropped before the infil sequence in #Warzone
· A Rytec AMR bug where shots were hitting above the crosshairs in their scope

To talk about the fun playlists in Modern Warfare, gamers can now get a taste of Party Mode, which offers additional fun modes including One in the Chamber, Gun Game Reloaded, and All or Nothing. Furthermore, a 2v2 Gunfight mode is expected to be playable later this week as well.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a new 24/7 playlist that features eight players against 8 in a multiplayer mode, and that too on the new Cheshire Park map and Shoot House 24/7.

Today’s playlist update is now live! #ModernWarfare
– Shoot House and Cheshire Park 24/7
– TDM and KC Remix
– Party Modes! A FFA moshpit featuring Gun Game Reloaded, One in the Chamber, and AoN
– Realism Ground War#Warzone
– Removes BR Stimulus Trios
– Adds Plunder Trios

The maximum score limit was also increased in Team Deathmatch and the Kill Confirmed Remixed playlist. All the changes have been made on every platform the game is playable on.

A quick playlist update is going out now across all platforms that raises the score limit in the TDM and Kill Confirmed Remix playlist in #ModernWarfare

Expanding the game’s microtransactions, a brand-new purchasable bundle called Hydra Slayer is in the works and includes two legendary tier weapons. These are Soul of The Beast Assault Rifle, and Soul of The Beast SMG.

Moreover, there’s also a Syd Rogue Operative bundle that packs a watch, a vehicle skin, a calling card, and an emblem. There’s also a Call of Duty League Champs Pack that you can buy from the store. It provides us with various weapon blueprints that can be used to unlock guns, calling cards, and skins used by team members of Chicago Huntsmen- the professional Call of Duty squad.

On July 17, Activision made Warzone Rumble available on all platforms- a massive 50v50 deathmatch that’s bound to grab the attention of many COD enthusiasts.

For the future to come, we are expecting significant changes to the map from Warzone’s Season 5 updates. The fresh map is going to unveil what could be the next Call of Duty game for 2020- Black Ops: Cold War.

Source: Activision Blog

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