Steam Welcomes Persona 4 Golden  

Persona 4 Golden, a critically beloved role-playing video game originally released for the PS Vita, is now available for purchase on PC through Steam.  

Persona 4 Golden is an upgraded version of the original, Persona 4. The new edition of the game boasts numerous new additions. For instance, two more Social Links have been introduced, which are connections that can be formed between the protagonist and other characters. Moreover, the updates include enhanced visual effects, more soundtracks, a new difficulty level, additional areas to explore, and general refining of the whole game.  

Persona4golden Screenshot3

Persona 4 golden Screenshot

It’s the first Persona game ever to launch for PC, the rest being limited to PlayStation only. It’s one of the series’ most popular and a fan’s favorite mainly because of an enchanting cast and a gripping story.  

The plot of Persona 4 follows the engaging storyline of a high school student in a fictional town influenced by mysterious murder happenings unanimously linked with one of the game’s main plot aspects called the TV World. Our main protagonist eventually forms a team with other students to battle the unknown and reform peace.  

The game released for PlayStation Vita back in 2012. Those seeking to play it on a different platform couldn’t do so, but now, eight years later, it’s available on a more significant base for everyone to try the classic out.  

Atlus, the RPG’s developer, is also fond of releasing spin-off games derived from the original Persona series. To name a few, these are Persona 4: Arena and Persona 4: Dancing All Night. On Nintendo 3DS, spin-offs like Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight has also been launched.  

Persona4golden Gameplay

Persona 4 golden Gameplay

The PC variant of Persona 4 Golden fully supports multiple resolutions, and an option to choose between either an English or a Japanese voice-over. Apart from that, hallmark Steam features such as Steam Achievements and Trading Cards are also compatible with the game as of now.  

As PS Vita remains a discontinued platform, the arrival of Persona 4 Golden on PC means the distribution of the game to a broader platform, making it more accessible than ever.   

One of the best-selling games of PS Vita has now broken free from a single platform restriction and is now playable on Steam coming in two editions. 

Persona4golden Gameplay

Persona 4 golden Gameplay

The standard edition priced at $19.99 currently is the full base package of the game. Furthermore, the Deluxe Edition can be bought for $24.99 on Steam, which brings along with itself a dedicated digital artbook, and a classic digital soundtrack.  

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