Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming on PC Along With Xbox Game Pass

Published by the Microsoft Flight Simulator team on the official website, get ready to soar through the skies with Flight Simulator launching on PC and getting added to Xbox Game Pass as well on August 18.

Although still in the Beta phase, gamers will be able to play the popular simulation on PC if they have subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass. All in all, two options are available as of yet; either the game can be pre-ordered on Windows 10 or it can be pre-installed with the Game Pass for PC.

Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator

The team says that they are extremely delighted with the love they have received from the community of Flight Simulator ever since it was released primarily in 1982. Flourishing for 38 years, the developers thought it better to release a newer version of the game to accommodate PC. Given that they possess the skills, the automation, collaborators, and the equipment, the brains at Microsoft are set to release the most true-to-life, and genuine flight simulator the world has ever seen.

The main highlights of the game include:

  • Bright and precise sceneries that take the gamer on a joyride involving mountains, roads, rivers, trillions of trees, and a lot of buildings.
  • Showcasing real-time weather, animal movement, and realistic traffic, the Flight Simulator takes full advantage of the Earth’s dynamism.
  • With an extensive variety of aircraft, the game involves realistic mechanics with terrific flexibility in choosing from light planes to commercial jets. From cockpits to the overall make, all the aircraft are built from the ground up with total accuracy, and realism.
  •  The latest checklist system makes sure that beginners and experts alike are going to have a great time with the flight sim. Manual and assisted settings along with highly interactional and instrument instructions make the game nothing but a sanguine disposition.
  • Keeping in close regard factors like wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature, and rain, players are bound to experience real-time weather and other various climatic conditions on par with reality.
  • Operational in both night and day, feel pleasurable as the game accommodates you for both times of the day with stunning visual effects and navigation.
  • The innovational physics engine of the game allows for more than 1,000 control surfaces on every plane only to deliver a remarkable experience like no other.

Feel fresh in the air with 3 editions of Flight Simulator on their way to PC. The Standard Edition priced at $59.99 USD is going to include 20 planes with 30 airports, all created with pure dedication.  The Deluxe Edition will cost the average gamer about $89.99 USD but packs 5 additional airports and planes with it. Lastly, the Premium Deluxe Edition is worth $119.99 USD and arrives with 10 more planes and beautifully designed airports, and also contains all the content of the Standard Edition.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be available physically in the form of a disc through Aerosoft- a video game developer specializing in simulations involving vehicles.

One needs to pursue more information can visit Aerosoft’s official website for further details

SOURCE: Microsoft Flight Simulator


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