Captain America Lands Into Fortnite

Epic reveals the entry of Marvel’s iconic superhero Captain America in the new Fortnite update. Epic surprised Marvel’s Avengers and Fornite fans with the announcement of an all-new Captain America skin to commemorate the 4th of July this year.

Fortnite’s partnership with Disney’s Marvel franchise has resulted in various other hero skins such as Deadpool and Black widow featured in the battle royale by Epic. With this announcement, Avengers will make its debut as its iconic leader Captain America steps into the Fortnite world.

The official release on 2nd July was accompanied by a short teaser that announced the arrival of Super-Soldier Captain America armed with his shield and iron will.

Marvel’s counterpart DC has already made waves with an Aquaman skin for players, and now Marvel’s Captain America is here to steal the spotlight. However, unlike the other superhero skins, including Deadpool and Aquaman, players do not need to go through any challenge to acquire Captain America. The skin can be purchased from the Fortnite item shop for 2000 V-bucks, which amounts to $18 to USD 20.

For now, Captain America’s skin features America’s favorite superhero wearing his signature half-mask and full helmet. While it may not satisfy fans of Steve Rogers, the man behind the mask himself, it does have other exciting things to offer.

The Captain America skin will come with the superhero’s famed shield of proto-adamantium as back bling and a never-before-seen kind of harvesting tool. While the item shop description isn’t clear on how it will function, the new harvesting tool is an exciting addition. It also allows the players to change up the old pickaxe design.

The announcement came with a trailer that showed Captain America arriving through the Bifrost that occurs in the Thor Universe. Bifrost is the magical Asgardian teleportation bridge that leaves a pattern on the ground upon activation. This is most likely a deliberate addition by Epic to keep fans guessing, and people are already talking.

Fans speculate that it may be some foreshadowing or a clue about other Marvel’s Avengers coming to the Fortnite world. The most probable candidate is Thor, who may make a debut to battle royale soon. Rumors suggest that Epic’s recent release of the Dad Bod Jonesy’s skin is related to Thor’s reveal. With Aquaman as a popular character in Fortnite, there is even speculation that other Marvel heroes or even an epic crossover may be in store for Marvel fans.

In short, Fortnite players can rest easy that Thor will eventually make it to the game. Maybe it will be followed by the hype surrounding the release of Thor’s next film, “Thor: Love and Thunder.” However, the final fate of Thor in Fortnite will be decided with future leaks and updates by Epic.


The introduction of Marvel’s famous Avengers into Fortnite is a thrilling occasion for both Fortnite and Marvel fans alike. For now, Captain America is proudly displayed in the Fortnite spotlight. Players who are interested in better hurry to get the limited-edition skin before it runs out.

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