Marvel’s Avengers Coming as a Free Update to PS5

Purchasing Marvel’s Avengers for PS4 will now get you a free upgrade on PS5 consoles, reveals publisher Square Enix. According to the recent revelation by publisher Square Enix, purchasing Marvel’s Avengers for PS4 now comes with a free upgrade to the next generation platforms PS5 or Xbox Series X.

The CTO of Crystal Dynamic, Gary Snethen, explained what this would mean for the Marvel’s Avengers game, discussing all the exciting features that come with the new upgraded console.

Snethen’s team has been working for some time to push the limits of their proprietary game engine – Foundation in tandem with the PS5 development kit to elevate the gaming experience. The new-gen version of Marvel’s Avengers will fully leverage PS5’s improved performance and graphic capabilities to deliver some fantastic gameplay enhancements.

Hinting at some of the graphical alterations, Snethen disclosed that the new GPU in PS5 had enabled them to significantly increasing the bar when it comes to the graphics of the game. With increased texture resolution, enhanced ambient occlusion, and other exciting capabilities of the PS5, the new Marvel’s Avengers is getting the makeover its fans deserve. The game is packed with meticulous details and realistic effects to deliver a more immersive experience for the players.

When it comes to meeting players’ demands, the new upgrade seems to have a little something for everyone. Marvel’s Avengers for PS5 will utilize the full range of cutting edge capabilities of the new console in its enhanced graphics mode for players who want the highest quality graphics. On the other hand, players who value a smooth gameplay experience will be catered with a high frame rate mode featuring 60 FPS and a dynamic 4K resolution.

Perhaps even more exciting than the graphical enhancements is PS5’s high-speed SSD fit for ultra-fast loading speeds. This addition is undoubtedly a game-changer for new-gen consoles and will successfully reduce loading time by a very high magnitude. This means players will now be able to navigate massive in-game worlds, including the Marvel’s Avengers,  in the blink of an eye.

If all that wasn’t exciting enough, the PS5 also comes with a DualSense controller and enhanced 3D audio that is also intelligently utilized to take your gaming experience to the next level.

If you have already been an avid player of Marvel’s Avengers on PS4, you will be able to keep your player profile and progress intact as you switch to the PS5 version. You can also easily play along with friends on PS4 as PS4, and PS5 players will be able to play online together, and the same goes for Xbox and Xbox X players.


Now you can truly immerse yourself in the action-packed world of your favorite Marvel superheroes with the free upgrade and PS5’s elevated features. Keep an eye out for Marvel’s Avengers, releasing on September 4 for PS4, Xbox, and PC. If you’re looking forward to the new PS5, there’s another thing to look forward to as Marvel’s Avengers PS5-optimized version will drop alongside PS5’s launch this Holiday season! Want to pre-order one?

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