10 Fun Phone Texting Games to Play with Friends

The fun doesn’t have to revolve around high-end gaming consoles or even apps necessarily. You just need a bunch of friends, a functional smartphone for yourself, and a cheerful mindset to get everything rolling.

Behold text-based games, where you can have fun without having to download any game or application. These have been around quite a while now, and in this article, we’re going to detail you with the ten best phone texting games you can play right away.

Fun Phone Texting Games to Play with Friends

From amusing emoji play to exciting text games that add the extra spice to your conversation, here are the top ways you can fully utilize your chat messenger or even SMS to get the fun going.

1. Story Maker

Peak your imaginative capabilities with Story Maker- a highly interactive texting game you can play with simply anyone. It’s been duly noted how collaboration can sometimes form the greatest of arts, especially in the realm of story writing. Team up with a friend in this fun game to create a unique story of your own, and dive deep in pleasure as your adventure progresses.

Story Maker is a turn-based game where one person starts with just a sentence. Upon sending this one, and an often incomplete sentence, the other person sends one back, thereby continuing the story.

The sentence you use to start the game can be anything. It all depends on how you think and where your imagination leads you. Story Maker is one of the best games you could play on your phone with a friend without the added hassle of downloads and installations.

Here’s an example of how you could start the game. Start with something like, “Once there existed a huge..”. Your friend can reply with, “Mansion where nobody ever dared..”. In this manner, continue making up sentences as you go and watch as the game gets genuinely entertaining.

2. Kiss, Marry, Kill

The game “Kiss, Marry, Kill” really puts you in tough situations when you get into it with your acquaintance. To date, it has been proven to be one of the most fun games you can play via text on your phone. Kiss, Marry, Kill is self-explanatory and straightforward, to begin with. You start by naming three people who can be anyone from celebrities, stars, friends, or even members of your own family. The other person will have to choose who he/she decides to kiss, marry, and kill.

This is where the game gets challenging. If the names are picked correctly, your friend is going to have a tough time what to choose and on whom. This is why its recommended to do a bit of thinking beforehand, so you know how you can pin your opponent.

Here’s how the game is played. Suppose these names, “Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, and Scarlett Johansson”. Your friend could choose to kiss Angelina Jolie, marry Megan Fox, and kill Scarlett Johansson.

3. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a game that’s much more than just that. It’s quite popularly known to increase the bond of friendship between friends and constitute a larger social circle. Originally known as a party game, this bout usually involves alcohol, where you take a sip or a shot when you lose. Since we’re focused on a digital presence here, let’s about the game rules over a phone.

“Never have I ever let out a fart in public”. If you say the statement, and your friend has done this vile deed, he has to conform to some sort of punishment that’s predetermined before starting the game.

The win-loss system can be set through the deduction of points as well. On the other hand, you can fix that the loser has to post an embarrassing photo on their Twitter or Facebook if that’s the case.

Never Have I Ever holds excellent potential in nurturing friendships and taking your phase of intimacy to the next level. Apparently, the game can open up some dark secrets, or it can just make your time spent hilarious.

4. 20 Questions

The game “20 Questions” has aged really well, given the fact that it has existed for a very long time now, in one way or the other. It allows you to become the modern-day Sherlock Holmes with deductive reasoning and hypothetical evaluation. As the game is based on the mode of text, you can’t help but give in to its attractive, satisfying nature. How you play 20 Questions isn’t complicated at all. However, intuitive thinking and some critical skills go a long way in helping you succeed in this text-based fanatic.

You start 20 Questions by picking any object or a person. You keep the selection to yourself, and this is where the fun kicks off spontaneously.

The other person or your friend, in this case, has to find out what you have picked and thought about. In doing so, they have twenty, carefully thought-out questions to ask you, in the hope of determining your pick.

Here’s an example of how “20 Questions” works. Let’s suppose you pick “Tom Cruise.” The person you’re playing with could begin his questioning by asking, “Is it an object?”, to which you’d reply with a swift No.

Next, your friend could ask, “Is he a celebrity?” and you could proceed with the game by saying yes. This way, your friend has only got 18 questions left, and they have to cut down to the narrowest possibilities using these 18 questions.

5. Emoji Translation

Switching your conversation from text to emoji can be both entertaining and demanding. Up the ante of your dialogue by substitution ordinary, worn-out text with lively and captivating emojis. As these little figures of a wide variety of different types have become commonplace in today’s world, why not create a game out of them?

Emojis are one of the best ways to define how you’re feeling at times. They seamlessly fit in captions, and can even paint a picture when words simply just won’t cut it. Emoji Translation is a game where you send your friend a single or a string of emojis, and your friend has to decode them and form meaning out of the emojis. In other words, to win, you or your friend have to interpret the meaning behind the emojis correctly.

However, before you begin, make sure you have an emoji keyboard with all the latest emojis available. This way, your experience won’t be held back by any updates or other needed installs.

6. Would You Rather?

“Would You Rather” puts you and your friends against each other in an engaging yet complicated scenario where stating an answer is far from easy. This texting game gets more entertaining, as the difficulty increases. Generally speaking, this is the case everywhere else as well, where harder the choice exhibits more fun than anything else.

Also known as the “either-or,” and “this or that” game, Would You Rather holds the best results when you are imaginative with your questioning, making your friend take horrible decisions, and engaging in some good banter.

Here’s an example of how it’s creatively and amusingly done. “Would you rather have $1 million and no legs or $50 million with no hands?” As you can see, questions like these can spark up quite an exciting time. Take inspiration from Reddit here, and observe how people play the famous game.

7. What If?

We’re often caught up in our thinking, where we stray beyond parallel worlds, insane realities, and fictional scenarios. After all, who doesn’t like to think at times? If we think about it carefully enough, it’s worth pointing out how we seldom spend our time making up scenarios where we tell ourselves what we’d do. The game follows a similar format.

Our mind is our most powerful weapon, and it takes us high and above in our imagination, often. A perfect texting game derived from this concept is “What If?”, packing brilliant times of cheerfulness and fun. “What If?” is all about the bizarre questions that get the person on the other side of the screen scratching their head in awe. You always have the potential of your mind at disposal to get the game in full flight.

What’s unique about “What If?” is that there are no answers that can be labeled as either correct or incorrect. We’re only trying to have fun from the responses you give or receive. Therefore, the game is highly open-natured.

This texting game can involve several variations that you could try out with your friends. For instance, you could always leave it up to their fascination, or compel them into choosing an answer given in the form of choices by you.

Here’s how you can get off to a good start with the game. “What if you woke up on another planet surrounded by unknown, mysterious beings? What would you do?”. Another example would be, “What if you worked nonstop for 50 years only to find out your life savings have vanished. What would you do?”

8. Unscramble

Unscramble is a top-rated game that can easily be found on any platform, may it be in the form of an app, or a Facebook game with friends. It’s one of those challenging games where you’re matched with your friend(s) intellectually, and the game can also get competitive.

Unscramble is often called Scrabble as well, which is the same thing. One distinct feature that sets Unscramble apart from the rest of texting games on the phone is the fact that this one is a proper exercise for your brain as well.

Come to think of it; you text whoever you want using words. Therefore, there’s no reason not to develop your vocabulary to assist you in the phenomenon further. Luckily for you, Unscramble also plays a part in this regard. Unscramble is played by first selecting any word you think of at once. Then, you send that word over to your friend via text, and your friend has to take that word, break it down, and use the letters of that word to form more words. Highly creative if you ask us.

The process is repeated until the winner is determined by whoever makes the most words out of one single word. If the game starts to seem too easy for you, try incorporating different conditions and difficulties to make things more interesting.

As you have to have to allot a time frame before you begin, consider shortening it down, or use longer words to unscramble to yield better results. Here’s how to play the game. Consider the word “Exceptional.” From here, try to think of many words as you can to win the bout (i.e., tip, except patience, exploit). Keep progressing till possible, and it’s only a matter of time before you become the Unscramble king.

9. Take a Trip

Take a Trip is story-driven and involves active thinking. It follows the format: I am going to ____, and I am taking ____.

You have to fill the first blank using a country, followed by filling the next blank with just about anything. The catch here, however, is to use the same letter in both the blanks. For example, you’ve been given the letter R by your friend. Now you have to come up with something reasonable to keep yourself from losing.

Here’s how you can answer. “I am going to Romania, and I am taking rest.” You have to continue to Z to see who wins. The first one to get stuck on a letter loses.

10. Trivia

Are you an avid knowledge seeker? Do you have a knack for keenly following the news and are updated with at least surface-level knowledge of various subjects? If the answer to those questions is yes, then Trivia- a widely known abstraction imparted from many game shows, is the one for you. Test your level of education in this knowledge-based game as you dominantly win over your friends or cower at the hands of defeat.

The best way to play would be choosing a topic category that’s mutual between you and your friend. This levels the playing field. Afterward, take turns in asking questions from each other to assess each other thoroughly.

Just for the fun of it, you can also pick a random topic where both you and your friend suck at to see who’s got the chops of succeeding arbitrarily. An excellent example of playing Trivia on your phone is by asking, “Who wears the Number 22 jersey in Football Club Barcelona?”. If your friend happens to be a football fanatic, he’ll promptly reply with, “Arturo Vidal.”


Texting games on the phone are all about having a splendid time with your friends, family, and loved ones, when there’s nothing else too special to do, or you’re holed up somewhere. All these ideas of games you can play through your phone without needing to download anything are great time killers and will make each spent second of yours worthwhile.

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